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PCB combi-steamer t.max. 270°C
PCB combi-steamer t.max. 270°C
PCB combi-steamer t.max. 270°C
PCB combi-steamer t.max. 270°C

PCB combi-steamer t.max. 270°C

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application combi-steamer

temperature max. 270 °C

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400860 GEV

FAGOR Convection oven electric HEI-10, HEI-20, HEI-6, HEM-10, HEM-10-11, HEM-20, HEM-6, HEM-6-11, HEP-10, HEP-10-11, HEP-20, HEP-6, HME-20, HME-20-21, HMI-10, HMI-10-11, HMI-10-11UL, HMI-10-21, HMI-10-21UL, HMI-2.10, HMI-2-10-11, HMI-6, HMI-6-11, HMI-6-11UL, HMM-10, HMM-10-11, HMM-10-11UL, HMM-10-21, HMM-10-21UL, HMM-10UL, HMM-2.10, HMM-20, HMM-20-21, HMM-20-21UL, HMM-20UL, HMM-2-10-11, HMM-6, HMM-6-11, HMM-6-11UL, HMM-6UL, HMP-20, HMP-20-21, HVG-20-11, MFHMI-6, MFHMI-6-11, MFHMM-10, MFHMM-20, MFHMM-6-11, THCV-20, THCV-20P, VECE-20, VECE-20-21, VECM-10, VECM-10-11, VECM-10-21, VECM-2.10, VECM-20, VECM-20-21, VECM-2-10-11, VECM-6, VECM-6-11, VECP-20, VECP-20-21, VEI-10, VEI-10-21, VEI-2.10, VEI-2-10-11, VEI-6, VEI-6-11

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FAGOR Electric oven HEI-10-11, HEI-20-11, HEI-6-11, HEM-20-11, HEP-20-11, HEP-6-11

FAGOR Oven under cooktop electric HMI-1011, HMI-1021, HMI-611, HMM-2011, HMM-2021, HMM-611

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